Wonder Bundle

Wonder Bundle



Wonder Bundle is a mystery bag containing a custom, one of a kind surprise treasure, along with some other goodies.

We've got a pretty rad collection of custom laser etched and anodized titanium experiments. Some are one-off flukes, others are too hard or time consuming to replicate, others we might fine-tune and make a version of someday.

For now, Wonder Bundle is our way of putting these little treasures out into the world.

The centerpiece of the Wonder Bundle is either a Titanium Pen Type-C, Herring Blade or Pen Type-B that we've customized in our studio. The piece is laser marked with the Wonder Bundle project ID (CWT_HSX4EP0_2208), so you know it is a unique original and also comes with a certificate of authenticity (with an authentic typo) signed + dated by yours truly.

Your bundle will also contain some other items. One of them is a surprise and is in no way fancy but very useful.