Pen Type-B

Pen Type-B


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A minimal everyday pen, over-engineered to last generations.

The ultimate pen for illustrators, designers, and architects.

Precision machined to create a piston-like effect between the pen and sleeve. The pen falls slowly and makes a nice popping sound when you pull it quickly from its sleeve. 

No visible logo. 

Precision machined flat so it won't roll off your desk.

A super minimal everyday pen, engineered to last generations.

The ultimate pen for illustrators, designers, and architects.

The ultra-high machining tolerances between the pen and sleeve create a piston-like effect. The pen falls slowly into its sleeve and makes a nice popping sound when you pull it out quickly. 

Pen Type-B has no visible logo. 

The brass sleeve purposely doesn't have a coating, so your Pen Type-B can develop its own unique patina over time as you handle your pen. 

Titanium Pen Type-B is available with a matte black ceramic-polymer coating (Cerakote). The coating is durable, but over time it will wear to reveal the titanium underneath. We think it gives a kind of cool and rugged feel.

Pen Type-B in titanium weighs almost half the weight of its brass and stainless steel counterpart. It's got the hardness of stainless steel and the lightness of aluminum. That's really hard to beat. Titanium is the ultimate material. Both the sleeve and the pen are made of titanium.

Order a Pen Type-B with a custom laser engraving on the flat surface of the pen sleeve.

Available with an aluminum case.


- Pen Diameter: 9.8mm
- Pen Length: 125mm
- Sleeve Length: 120mm
- Sleeve Width: 12mm

- Brass Sleeve Weight: 47g (1.6oz)
- Stainless Steel Pen Barrel Weight: 44g (1.5oz)

- Titanium Sleeve Weight: 25g (.9oz)
- Titanium Pen Barrel Weight: 27g (1oz)


Pen Type-B (along with all of our other pens) are manufactured at a multi-generation machine shop in Vermont. Each pen is carefully made above and beyond the necessary tolerances to ensure a perfect fit between the pen and the sleeve. It takes over 20 highly tuned operations to craft a Pen Type-B.


Pen Type-B ships with a Black Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.3mm cartridge.

To replace the ink cartridge, simply unscrew the back of the pen with a coin.

Hi Tec-C cartridges are available in 4 line widths and over 30 colors ( You can also purchase refills here.

There are also a bunch of other ink cartridges that are compatible with Pen Type-A.



PEN TYPE-B was made possible by the support of many amazing, generous superstar supporters of our work on Kickstarter.

Our campaign to launch Pen Type-B was successfully funded on November 8, 2015.

Titanium Pen Type-B was successfully funded on July 22, 2017.

We could not do what we do without you believing in the work that we do.

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Dr L.
United States United States
Exceptionally Designed Products

Love this pen — fantastic in every respect; these good folks design and build beautiful objects; I’m proud to have CW&T pens in my collection. Keep up the great work. :-)

Gary P.
United States United States
Mechanical Perfection

Excellent, I've tried all sorts of pens for decades, from whatever I could purchase at office supplies, architectural supplies etc. At one point even using a variety Rotring Rapidograph pens, they work but are way too delicate for me always ending in the pen failing (my fault). Finally! The Pen Type-B! Marvelous. Couldn't be better, I've purchase two so far. Thank you so much CW&T you've made life so much better :)

Robert H.
United States United States
Experiencing and "feelings" using the pen.

So far I am enjoying sketching and doodle-ing with it. I like the "feel" of the pen: weight distribution and the concept of a simple, slow action for the "arrival and departure" of the pen point. This, for me, sets the "mental stage" for valuing my visuals commencing with joy and expectation!

Elliott V.
Thailand Thailand
Great, with one exception.

I've got the titanium version of this pen. It's a bit messy sometimes, but it looks, feels, and writes great. I ordered this pen with the titanium Herring Blade and the titanium Key Wrangler. The trio make a great everyday set.

Jim S.
United States United States

I own lots of pens and was still absolutely blown away by the Type B. I have read the reviews and originally assumed people were exaggerating a little. Nope. This is the real deal. I feel privileged to own such a wonderful piece of functional art. Thank you CW&T!!