Orange Dot

Orange Dot

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A 2" diameter adhesive orange patch.

We used to put orange gaff tape on all our stuff as a way of identifying it. Then we made these orange patches to use for the same purpose.

Orange Patch is also a great logo cover.

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Matt K.
Australia Australia
Perfect little luggage hack

The orange dot has a great build and texture, and Sticks Really Well to pretty much anything. Best thing, though, is to identify my soft luggage. They stand right out anywhere, great for yoga, planes or darkish rooms! As with everything CW&T it's just the pinnacle of honest, deliberate, painstaking good design and production. ~ Matt Kurowski

Bruce M. Burnett
United States United States
Great dot

I use it on the back of my bike helmet. It is a nice addition.

慧 石.
Japan Japan
Very good, hope for more sizes

I've been using it to hide the logo on my backpack, and it's working perfectly as I wanted. It would be great if there is more size options

David H.
United States United States
Everything in its right place (with a marker)

Things with orange dots, so I can easily distinguish them: Headphones Laptop Cell phone Wallet Backpack Notebook (CW&T’s studio sketchbook) Things I would like to mark with smaller orange dots: Most everything else