Key Wrangler
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Key Wrangler

$95.00 $60.00

Once in stock, Key Wrangler will retail for ~$90USD (depending on the variant).

Key Wrangler is a key holder and organizer. It is designed with a built forever snappy spring clip and a post to keep your keys tidy and easy to access.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we are currently manufacturing our first batch of Key Wranglers. Pre-order a Key Wrangler today to reserve yours with an estimate ship date of August 2017.

Key Wrangler comes in a variety of material + color options.

- Heirloom quality key holder + organizer.
- Machined out of Titanium, Copper or Brass (take your pick!)
- Keys are attached with a secure, but easy to open thumb bolt.
- A spring gate lets you quickly clip and unclip your keys to stuff.
- Thoughtfully designed shape that lets the keys hang naturally.
- Made in the USA