Ice Cream Cone Shelf
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Ice Cream Cone Shelf


An aluminum shelf made for miniature collections 


Perfect for pushpins, pens, seashells, screws, toothbrushes or ice cream cones...

Ice cream cone shelf is a shelf designed to store and make small objects easily accessible, organized and visible.


In our studio we use them to store everything from machine screws to tiny electronic components. At home we use them for everything from bathroom stuffs to keys, paperclips, pens, scissors and contact lenses. Whenever we run out of space on a shelf, we stack another above it.


Ice Cream Cone Shelf helps reduce clutter, are easy to clean and look damn snazy.




Dimensions: 38”L x 4.5”D x 2.5"H

Materials: laser-cut and folded 6061 Aluminum with a brushed finish.

Ice Cream Cone Shelf is proudly made in the USA.

* Ice Cream Cone Shelf ships with 15 x plastic cups and 3 (+1 for good luck) drywall anchor installation screws.



Easy to in install. Ice cream cup shelf ships with dry wall anchor screws for convenient wall mounting.