Pen Type-A + B - Ink Refill

Pen Type-A + B - Ink Refill


Orders placed before 10pm (NYC time) ship tomorrow *excluding holidays

This is the black replacement ink cartridge for the Pen Type-A and Pen Type-B.  Don't forget to keep the little tip piece that attaches to the end of the cartridge when you replace it.
Pen Type-A and Pen Type-B ship with 0.3mm cartridges.

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Barbara L.
Canada Canada
Pen Type-A + B - Ink Refill,

I bought these refills for my pen Type B. I love the pen! And I am happy to have these new pen nibs that are slightly bigger. Easier for me to write. Thanks again for your great work!

Ben L.
United States United States
Absolutely stunning piece of functional art

I cannot stress enough how highly I think of CW&T and their products. The Pen Type B is a beautifully designed pen and the precision that went into making them is remarkable. Everything from the fit and finish, to the way the pen slides down the body, to the magnets that lock it in place make for a lovely experience. Not to mention how nicely it writes as well. One thing to keep in mind is the weight. I have the Polished Brass version, which is the heaviest. So it may take some getting use to, especially with that style of nib. I have bought two Pen Type A's so far (one for me and one as an anniversary gift) and have nothing but praise for this company, their products, as well as their customer service.

Gary P.
United States United States


Patrick D.
United States United States
Pen Type A and Case

It is indeed an over-engineered work of art. It feels so good in the hand and the heft is perfect. I also purchased the case for the pen, which is also amazing with one point I would love for you guys to consider - get rid of the rubber bands… my goodness, the case should envelope the pen seamlessly - I would think a strong magnet would fit the bill which a notch to pull it open for use. Anything but the rubber bands! :). Thank you for your products.

Danny B.
United States United States
Ink Cartridges

Hi all, Does anyone have an amazon link to the right ink cartridges? I'm trying to buy in bulk and made a mistake with buying these replacements that were too think and short. These are the wrong ones: Thanks!


you can search for BLS-HC5. That's the SKU for the black 0.5mm tip Pilot Hi-Tec-C ink cartridge. But you can also use the Coleto refills you already got. They are too short, but all you need is a 21.5mm spacer. You can make one yourself by cutting the end off an old ink cartridge, or we sell spacers here...