2021 CW&T Winter Gift Guide


Because you + your loved ones deserve something extra nice.


Plus some other cool stuff we like + support.

For new beginnings.

A single use long scale launch clock to mark the beginning of a new chapter.

Time Since Launch

by CW&T



Perfection for your perfectionist.

Over time and use, the raw brass picks up a unique patina. Brass Pen Type-B is for your friend who keeps getting better.

For your calm + steady rock. Titanium Matte Pen Type-B is our most popular Pen Type-B.

Get fancy with some polished Titanium.

For that friend who only wears black.

Pen Type-B

by CW&T



For your trusty sidekick.

Gift your most reliable, down for anything person the ultra-thin, lightweight portable Pen Type-C.

This is a CW&T favorite.

Comes in raw titanium, black, white and a (limited) bunch of funky neons :)

Pen Type-C

by CW&T



Always have the right tool on hand for your next project.

A low-profile utility blade with a magnetic mechanism. It's perfect for everyday carry or as a desktop companion.

A terrific way to show your lefty friend some love. Herring Blade comes in lefty and righty versions. And we can put a custom person message behind the blade.

Ships with a penny for superstitious folk.

Herring Blade

by CW&T



To get those creative juices flowing.

The Hanaduri Hanji Book - CW&T Edition is a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates insanely high quality paper and a classic lay-flat binding technique.

Studio Sketchbook

by CW&T



For that extra motivation to sweat.

Stay strong. Get sweaty. Release those endorphins.

Forever Jump Rope

by CW&T


85.00 12% OFF


To reward some newly upped culinary skills.

Single-handed use stainless steel vessel for serving and pinching salt (or other small treasures).


by CW&T



For your friend who's always fumbling for the right key.

Key Wrangler

by CW&T



For the fastidious friend.

Pen Type-A is a classic, perfect for your friend who enjoys precision and won’t let you touch their stuff.

Pen Type-A ®

by CW&T



Because it's time to patch up that winter gear with some snazzy reflective patches.

Adhesive reflective repair patch

by CW&T



If you're looking for ways to not lose your stuff.

Orange Dot

by CW&T



If you've got some ETH you want to exchange for something ultra physical.

No, this is not a joke. We're considering* selling this block of tungsten that fills a USPS Priority Mailer.

*We say considering because we love this thing but if someone wants it more than we do, we're willing to part with it.

If you know someone who might be interested send this along.

USPS Small Flat Rate Shipping Box Filled with Solid Tungsten

by CW&T



And below are some new or classic favorites in our household.

Some entries are from our favorite studios, others are just random things we like to have around.

This is a running list, stay tuned for more entries each day or so for the next few weeks.

Mark it once and forever.

Better in every way than a Sharpie.

Decocolor Paint Marker

by Uchida



Because you're done with cooking.

This is Che-Wei's go-to second dinner. It's getting cold out, and this is some go-to comfy deliciousness that will not disappoint.

Laksa LaMian

by Prima Taste



For some analog winter fun.

This Book is a Camera

by Kelli Anderson




Incense Holder

by Craighill



On our bedside.

It's no secret this novel is a masterpiece (hence Pulitzer Prize winner). Che-Wei read it a few months ago and Taylor is slowly treasuring each page before sleep. We highly recommend this.

The Overstory

by Richard Powers



Next up.

Our good friend Naomi published her debut novel a few weeks ago. She'd probably kill us for listing it on our gift guide after The Overstory. But alas ;) you go girl!

It's a mafia story centered on the friendship of two girls.

It's received stunning reviews and we're so psyched for our friend :)

The Family

by Naomi Krupitsky



Crunchy guava + crack sauce

Or how we call these items in our house. Crunchy guava is a longtime favorite fruit of Che-Wei. The fresh ones are the bestest. But when in need dried ones will do (not actually crunchy).

Dried Guava + Plum Powder

by Yun Hai



Tripod phone love

This is a classic useful thing we have to quickly connect a phone to a tripod.


by Studio Neat



10% OFF


Matching sweatsuits

Who needs jammies... let's go with matching sweatsuits for the entire fam.

Dream Maps Sweatsuit

by Smalls Studio x The Playground Store