Grass is field of green lines that you can pet, coddle, pat, touch, and caress on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
Think calm soothing thoughts. It’s free.

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 ***** Feb 12, 2011 by Pop123456789Pop123

Best app ever – I have had an ipod for a year And so far this is the Best app I have come across

 ***** Feb 18, 2011 by Grace123 is cool

Omg – Just omg. I can’t believe they actually made this app. A joke a joke. The graphics are bad to. Omg omg omg. I actually hate the person who made and I don’t even know them! Ur a disgrace I just…… OMG!!! It’s almost disgusting. Just……. well it’s sad the way people make grass, a simple little thing so…… Summery turn into THIS APP!!!! I swear this is the biggest waste of time. How did this make top ten? DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!!

 ***** Feb 6, 2011 by Joel Woodward

WOW – Funny enough, This App makes me feel really relaxed. i love messing around with the grass :D just felt compeled to write a review :)

 ***** Feb 25, 2011 by G Hand

“the absolute worst excuse for even a fail ever.” – Oh my god. I got it because someone said it made them feel relaxed. Just terrible. It doesn’t even LOOK like grass. When I first got it, I thought there was some type of glitch and the grass was falling. No, just terrible graphics. How could someone even pass this off as an app? It says junk about caressing it or whatever lies it tells. If they felt like lying, they should have said, save the world in- game while lying down and SLEEPING. I should make an app called “absolutely nothing” it would get better reviews and I wouldn’t be lying. Don’t be fooled by the good front cover, it probably took hours to actually get that good of a picture. I would’ve given it zero stars but I wanted to see “hated it”. Move your finger to cancel purchase……

 ***** Aug 20, 2011 by Sten0016

Best app ever – I regret buying PAGES now, knowing that this app was out there for free all along.

 ***** Oct 30, 2011 by Booboobunny!

SSSSSTTTTTTUUUUPPPPIIIIIDDDDD – it doesnt even look like real grass!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grass has reached #1 in the Entertainment category in over 10 Countries.

 ***** Sep 17, 2011 by Grass lover

I love grass<3 – I love grass it is so great ! When my girlfriend of two weeks and I split up, I felt broken. But when o downloaded this app. I felt as if I met my soul mate. A part of me I never knew was there came back. This Grass cuddles me. I cuddle it. It caresses me. I carress it. My life is COMPLETE thanks to this app. Lovin life now.