Sun Dial Stickers

Sun Dial Stickers



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A vinyl sticker set to turn your sun filled room into a sundial. Stick them to your floor at the top of each hour where the sun casts a shadow on your floor. We have a few available for free. Please grab one and send us your feedback!


At the top of each our (11:00, 12:00, 13:00 etc.)  Place the vinyl along the border of a shadow cast by the sun on your floor. You'll want to place the sticker within a few seconds of the top of the hour! (the shadow moves surprisingly quickly)

The thing that's casting the shadow should be vertical (like a window frame or a vertical bar). You might want to cut the line and numbers into individual pieces, so sticker has a line and a number.

These are vinyl stickers, so to stick them to the floor....

1. peel off the paper back
2. place the line and number sticker with the clear front layer onto the floor where you want the sticker to stay.
3. rub it in
4. peel off the clear front layer