pen type-a

a minimal pen and ruler sleeve

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This is The pen that you can
pass to your grandkids, and
your grandkids can pass to
their Grandkids
And So On …

Pen Type-A is a minimal pen and ruler sleeve made for Hi-Tec-C ink cartridges. All of its parts are machined out of solid stainless steel and the sleeve is laser engraved with ruler markings.

A balance of simplicity, precision and substance, the pen feels smooth between your fingers. There’s no grip to tell your fingers where to go and it’s free of notches or grooves.

We designed and over engineered this pen to last generations.


Pen Type-A is proudly made at a multi-generation family run machine shop in Vermont.


Pen Type-A is an homage to our favourite writing utensil, the Hi-Tec-C. We’ve been using this pen in its plastic housing for years, until we decided that these coveted cartridges deserved a more durable home.


The sleeve doubles as a straight edge and a measuring instrument. Its edges are clean and sharp, lasting evidence of the precise machining processes that were crucial to its construction.

Drop the pen into the sleeve to watch it slide in slowly. Give it a final push so the sleeve can grip the pen and prevent it from slipping back out. Pull the pen out quickly and hear a light popping sound.

These effects are a result of high tolerances between the pen and the sleeve that create a pneumatic seal, kind of like a piston.

Pen Type-A is over-engineered to last several lifetimes.


- Pen Diameter: 9.8mm
- Pen Length: 125mm
- Sleeve Weight: 74 grams (2.6 oz)
- Sleeve Length: 120mm
- Sleeve Width: 12mm
- Weight: 50 grams (1.75 oz)
- Material: 300 and 400 series Stainless Steel

Pen Type-A ships with a
0.3mm Black Hi-Tec-C Ink Cartridge.


To replace the ink cartridge, simply unscrew the back of the pen with a coin.

The cartridge in this pen is a Black Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.3mm cartridge. They are available in 4 line widths and over 30 colors ( Hi-Tec-C cartridges are widely available in stationery stores in Asia.

Hi-Tec-C cartridges are sold in America under the name G-Tec-C and are available in many stationery stores in 5 colors and 4 tip widths.

ruler sleeve

The sleeve is laser engraved with imperial and metric units. The sharp edges of the ruler help draw straight lines. Yes, the edges are sharp. Not for kiddies. The pen is held in the sleeve by a magnet, so it doesn't slip out by mistake.

the tip

The stepped geometry of the tip leaves the contact point exposed so you can see what you are drawing. It is perfect for architects, illustrators and designers.

no logo

There is no visible branding on the surface of Pen Type-A. Since a pen is such an intimate object, it is important for us to be extremely discreet with our logo. Who wants to see someone else’s name on something they own?

However, hidden under the coin screw is the tiny CW&T inscription. It’s there just in case you or your grandkids want to figure out where it came from.

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Free 2-3 day Shipping*

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A Kickstarter Story

PEN TYPE-A was made possible by the support of 4,049 superstar individuals. Our campaign to launch the pen as a real product was successfully crowd-funded on August 15, 2011 making it the 6th most funded project on

After months of perfecting the design and manufacturing process, PEN TYPE-A is real. 6,000 pens were made in China over the course of our first year of manufacturing. It was an amazing adventure and learning experience. We now make PEN TYPE-A at a precision machine shop in Vermont, USA.


Check out our original campaign here.

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- drawn by Tamaki

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Pen Type-A will be available for sale in September 2012. Whoopee!

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