Our 2020 Winter Gift Guide is here! 10-20% OFF select items. Check it out!

2020 CW&T Winter Gift Guide


Because you + your loved ones deserve something really really nice.


Plus other cool stuff we like + support.

For those in need of a fresh start.

Use this single use long scale launch clock to mark the beginning of a new epoch.

Time Since Launch

by CW&T


$199.00 10% OFF


For your trusty sidekick.

Gift your most reliable, down for anything person the ultra-thin, lightweight portable Pen Type-C.

This is a CW&T favorite.

Pen Type-C

by CW&T


$50.00 20% OFF


For the friend who takes pride in what they carry in their pockets.

A low-profile utility blade with no moving parts.

A terrific way to show your lefty friend some love. Herring Blade comes in lefty and righty versions.

Herring Blade

by CW&T


$75.00 13% OFF


Perfection for your perfectionist.

Over time and use, the raw brass picks up a unique patina. Brass Pen Type-B is for your friend who keeps getting better.

For your calm + steady rock. Titanium Matte Pen Type-B is our most popular Pen Type-B.

Get fancy with some polished Titanium.

Titanium Black Cerakote Pen Type-B for that friend who only wears black

Pen Type-B

by CW&T


$160.00 13% OFF


Something soft.

The Hanaduri Hanji Book - CW&T Edition is a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates a super high quality paper and a classic binding technique.

Hanji book - CW&T Edition

by CW&T


$20.00 10% OFF


For that person who needs some motivation to move.

Stay strong. Get sweaty. Release that pent up energy.

Forever Jump Rope

by CW&T


$75.00 13% OFF


To reward some newly upped culinary skills.

Single-handed use stainless steel vessel for serviing and pinchng salt (or other small treasures).


by CW&T


$150.00 20% OFF


For your friend who still leaves their house.

Key Wrangler

by CW&T


$76.00 21% OFF


For the fastidious friend.

Pen Type-A is a classic, perfect for your friend who enjoys precision and won’t let you touch their stuff.

Pen Type-A

by CW&T


$160.00 13% OFF


For your friend who loses everything.

Orange Dot

by CW&T


$6.00 17% OFF


Games. Lots of games.

Blinks Ultimate Collection

by Move 38


$299 33% OFF


Get organized.

Walnut Catchall

by Working Hard



Your phone will thank you.


by Studio Neat



Mark it once and forever.

Better in every way than a Sharpie.

Decocolor Paint Marker

by Uchida



For quality story-time.

A friend recommended Atinuke's books and we are hooked reading the Anna Hibiscus and No. 1 Car series with our 6 year old.

Anna Hibiscus

by Atinuke



A little something extra.

Bring some smiles into your life with a joyful something from Mokuyobi, a woman-owned rockstar company based out of LA.

We're also eyeing their new moonrise pants, but whatever you do. Make sure to grab some patches.

Mini space explorer

by Mokuyobi




Support a small group of Secwépemc land defenders. An indigenous and female led architecture project to build tiny homes to block the extension of an oil pipeline in Canada.

Learn more here + here

Our Land is Home

by Tiny House Warriors


$You choose.

Update your lexicon.

The Dictionary of Dark Matters, organized, written and assembled by the super talented, thoughtful American Artist + Zainab Aliyu (ta) and their students as part of their course Dark Matters: On Blackness, Surveillance and the Whiteness of the screen at SFPC.

The Dictionary of Dark Matters

by American Artist, Zainab Aliyu and students.



For cleaner air.

The OSR-Model 1 is the mask Che-Wei has been working on since March along with a team of volunteers that met on the internet. It's not our everyday mask, but one we have them on hand for high-risk situations.

OSR-Model 1

by Open Standard Industries



Because you're done with cooking.

This is Che-Wei's go-to second dinner. It's getting cold out, and this is some go-to comfy deliciousness that will not disappoint.

Laksa LaMian

by Prima Taste